How it works

The Wizzy Wrap – the Video

How it works:

Lay the Wizzy Wrap flat with the cord stop (that round thing holding the ribbons) on the underneath side.
Place your special gift in the center of the Wizzy Wrap.
Hold the cord stop with one hand, pressing the knob to open the hole, and pull the ribbons with your other hand so the wrap begins to wrap around the gift.
Lift your hands above the present as you are pulling to facilitate the closing of the Wizzy Wrap around the gift.
Some adjustments might be needed depending upon what is being wrapped.
Once the wrap is pulled together, let go of the cord stop and tie one or more bows with the ribbon.
That’s It! (how long would that have taken with paper??)
Then, if you would like to add a personal touch, feel free to clip on accessories!
The Wizzy Wrap is reversible.

If you would like to change which fabric is on the outside, please do the following:

Pull off the cord stop holding the ribbon.
Pull one ribbon out of one button hole.
Thread the other ribbon into that recently vacated button hole.
Re-thread the ribbons with the cord stop and you are all set!
Care and feeding.

Wizzy Wraps™ are made of Cotton or Polyester fabrics and should be washed in cold water.

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